So, great news!!! Cold Cruel Kiss is back up on Amazon! 🍾 Don’t miss your chance to grab it now, LOL!!!
Of course, I now have zero rank which means I am starting from scratch in the Amazon algorithm machine against millions of other book titles. I can’t tell you how much money I have spent on the book launch and subsequent advertising to gain traction on the vendor and gather pertinent “also boughts” etc etc. This whole situation has been incredibly stressful to me.
Being a successful self-published author is about much more than writing a book. We wear so many different hats, creator, publisher, metadata and data analyst, advertiser, marketer. That’s just some of them.
I hope people get legal advice before they throw around inaccurate take down notices, the way I have done to fight it. I know this could crush some authors (financially and mentally).
Okay, that’s all I’m saying on the subject right now, except if you enjoy Romantic Suspense and want to read about my hero, Max Hawthorne and heroine, Lucy Aston, then now might be a great time to pick it up!!!
Thanks for all the support people have given me in public and private. I appreciate it!! ❤

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