Want to win a print copy of one of my books? Now’s your chance!

For various reasons I am not doing any reader events this year, but I have many paperback copies on my shelves. So I decided to run some signed giveaways. Some of the books have the old covers and some have the new. It’s going to be a surprise 🙂

First chance to win… I’m doing monthly a giveaway to my newsletter list. Signup and watch for details in the newsletters.

Second chance to win… I’m doing a monthly giveaway on my Facebook Page. You’ll have to scroll 🙂

Third chance to win… Okay, this isn’t for the general public. It’s on my small curated Facebook reader group, Toni Anderson’s Cold Crew.  If you’re a fan who is on FB then you can apply to join, but only apply if you love my books. Seriously. Dude.

That’s all for now! Giveaways are international with the caveat they might take some time to arrive!

Happy February.

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