It’s incredible to realize Alex Parker and Mallory Rooney first debuted in A COLD DARK PLACE seven years ago this month. That one book has now grown to a 10-book series with a 4-book spin-off series! Although Alex and Mallory aren’t in every book, their relationship continues to grow and adapt throughout. My favorite cameos are when they pop up as secondary characters in Cold Secrets and then again when they feature front-and-center in A Cold Dark Promise (their wedding novella (okay, technically a novel!) with a bioweapons subplot, because of course there was!). Then Mallory has their baby in Cold & Deadly (argh!!). I haven’t made it easy for either of them, but I love that their relationship has stood up to all the tests I’ve thrown at them so far.
So, when I say A COLD DARK PLACE is very special to me, I mean it. It basically changed my life.
To celebrate I created a special edition hardback of A COLD DARK PLACE (complete with two short stories never before in print) available for a limited time on Amazon
Thanks for being on this journey with me!

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