Cold & Deadly cover I’m delighted to share the latest cover for my next book with you! COLD & DEADLY will feature a couple of your favorite characters (Alex Parker and Mallory Rooney) and some exciting new people to discover and love. Pre-order your copy today and it will be delivered to your ereader on Feb 12, 2019!

COLD & DEADLY is set in the Cold Justice world, but also forms the start of a parallel crossover series, Cold Justice – Crossfire. In Cold Justice – Crossfire I’m taking a sideways step in the FBI’s CIRG (Critical Incident Response Group) into the world of Crisis Negotiators and the Hostage Rescue Team. Readers will get to meet the most amazing new hero, Dominic Sheridan, a veteran FBI negotiator. He meets his match in Ava Kanas, a rookie agent who tends to live by the crash-and-burn approach to life. I loved writing these two characters and hope readers enjoy them, too.


Hostage Negotiators can talk themselves out of anything—except falling in love.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dominic Sheridan is an accomplished expert in the Crisis Negotiation Unit. Practiced, professional, used to dealing with high-stake situations under tense conditions, Dominic is a master at manipulating people. Everyone, that is, but the headstrong rookie agent bent on destroying her fledgling career.

As a child, Ava Kanas put her life on the line when the mob executed her father. Now someone has killed her mentor, the man who inspired her to become an FBI agent—and she’s the only one who recognizes it was anything but a tragic accident.

When another agent is murdered and Dominic nearly dies, it becomes obvious a serial killer is targeting the FBI. Together Dominic and Ava search for clues in the investigation, all the while fighting a forbidden attraction that will complicate everything, especially when the predator sets their sights on Ava.

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In this exciting crossover series, Toni introduces new characters alongside some reader favorites. Order the thrilling COLD & DEADLY, Cold Justice – Crossfire series today.

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