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New Readers Start With A COLD DARK PLACE!



Dear Reader,

Thank you for being here! As you may know, I write Romantic Thrillers with guaranteed Happily Ever Afters. As an avid reader myself, I’m sometimes a little daunted when I spy a super-long series (looking at you, J.D. Robb). And, as there are now so many titles in the Cold Justice® world, I figured I’d put this page together to help readers figure out where to start.

Every novel is a standalone with its own hero and heroine and a complete plot.


Book series overlap

My Cold Justice® books are centered around fictional members of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG). Every novel is a standalone story.


Cold Justice® series” mainly features agents from the Behavioral Analysis Unit 4 (think “profilers” and Mindhunter).

Cold Justice® – The Negotiators” features agents from the Crisis Negotiation Unit.

Cold Justice® – Most Wanted” features agents from the Hostage Rescue Team.

HER – Romantic Suspense” is a different series entirely, but secondary characters in these books later appear in the Cold Justice® world.


Many characters appear in secondary roles in multiple stories and it’s impossible to include every nuance here.

For those who like to read in order, here is the recommended reading order for each series. And, as there is some overlap in timelines, I’ve also compiled a chronological reading order below. 


Cold Justice® series

Book 1: A Cold Dark Place (Alex Parker and Mallory Rooney) START HERE

Book 2: Cold Pursuit (Jed Brennan and Vivi Vincent)

Book 3: Cold Light Of Day (Matt Lazlo and Scarlett Stone)

Book 4: Cold Fear (Lincoln Frazer and Izzy Campbell)

Book 5: Cold In The Shadows (Patrick Killion and Audrey Lockhart)

Book 6: Cold Hearted (Darsh Singh and Erin Donovan)

Book 7: Cold Secrets (Lucas Randall and Ashley Chen)

Book 8: Cold Malice (Steve McKenzie and Tess Fallon)

Book 9: A Cold Dark Promise (Wedding Novella) (Alex Parker and Mallory Rooney; Jack Reilly and Jane Sanders)

Book 10: Cold Blooded (Hunt Kincaid and Pip West)

Cold Justice series books

Book 1: Cold & Deadly (Dominic Sheridan and Ava Kanas) START HERE

Book 2: Colder Than Sin (Quentin Savage and Haley Cramer)

Book 3: Cold Wicked Lies (Payne Novak and Charlotte Blood)

Book 4: Cold Cruel Kiss (Max Hawthorne and Lucy Aston)

Book 5: Cold As Ice (Eban Winters and Darby O’Roarke)

Cold Justice Negotiators

Book 1: Cold Silence (Shane Livingstone and Yael Brooks) START HERE

Book 2: Cold Deceit (Seth Hopper and Zoe Miller)

Book 3: Cold Snap (Grady Steel and Brynn Webster)

Book 4: Cold Fury (coming soon)

Cold Justice - Most Wanted

Her – Romantic Suspense

Book 1: Her Sanctuary (Nat Sullivan and Eliza Ward) START HERE

Book 2: Her Last Chance (Marsh Hayes and Josie Maxwell)

Book 3: Her Risk To Take (novella) (Cal Landon and Sarah Sullivan)

Her- Romantic Suspense books

Here is the chronological reading order of all the interconnected books (each novel can be read as a standalone). This includes four Cold Justice short stories available exclusively to newsletter subscribers.


I’m often asked about which books Alex Parker and Mallory Rooney appear in. Honestly, they are mentioned in some small part in almost every Cold Justice® book, but here are the stories where they have a direct impact (I think). This includes four Cold Justice® short stories available exclusively to newsletter subscribers.



If you want to check out my personal inspiration for Alex and Mallory check out my Pinterest board.

STEM Heroines

Probably as a reflection of my own background as a Marine Biologist, I’ve written quite a few STEM heroines. I like to think that all my heroines are smart (regardless what the occasional reviewer might say LOL).


Sea of Suspicion (Susie Cooper – Marine Biologist)

Storm Warning (Sorcha Logan – Ornithologist)

Edge of Survival (Cameron Young – Fish Biologist)

The Killing Game (Axelle Dehn – Snow Leopard Biologist)

Cold Light Of Day (Scarlett Stone – Physicist)

Cold In The Shadows (Audrey Lockhart – Frog Biologist)

Cold As Ice (Darby O’Roarke – Volcanologist)

Cold Silence (Yael Brooks – Computer Hacker)

Cold Deceit (Zoe Miller – Anthropologist)


Fun Fact: Dangerous Waters is set at a Marine Laboratory on the west coast of Vancouver Island where my husband often works.


Other links between books:

There is a slight overlap between Sea Of Suspicion and Storm Warning. Both books are set in Fife, Scotland, where I spent many years, first as a postgrad and then as a researcher, and then as a mother.