Her Risk To Take – Book 3

Her Risk To Take – Book 3

Series: Her ~ Romantic Suspense Series
Publisher: Toni Anderson
Publication Year: November 29, 2014
ASIN: B00NLE1420
ISBN: 0993908934

HER RISK TO TAKE is a twenty-thousand word novella (approximately 80 print pages).

About the Book

Enjoy this short, steamy, Western Romantic Suspense by New York Times bestselling author Toni Anderson, set on a Montana ranch at Christmas.

She’s everything he doesn’t deserve. And when danger strikes, everything he stands to lose.

ER doc Sarah Sullivan has a problem. And he sleeps about a hundred yards away in the Triple H bunkhouse. On Christmas Eve, she offers Cal Landon her heart—and he turns her down flat. But even as Cal pulls away, Sarah refuses to give up because she can’t imagine a life without him.

Working in the ranch’s clean, frostbitten air, cowboy Cal Landon is able to put his past behind him—almost. Off the ranch, no one lets him forget he’s an ex-con. With the Sullivan’s finally getting back on their feet, he should be moving on—far away from the temptation named Sarah.

A woman who haunts his every thought. A woman who’s way too good for the likes of him. A woman, when she’s trapped in a dangerous hostage crisis, he would give his life to protect…

Her Risk to Take is a 20K-word novella that was written as a follow-up to Her Sanctuary. All books can be read as standalones. A hot romantic story with a guaranteed happily ever after that is set on a snowy ranch during the holiday season. It contains strong language and sexy times. 

For fans of Janie Crouch, Brittney Sahin, Anna Hackett, and Riley Edwards.


I wrote Her Risk To Take in response to readers asking me for more stories about the Triple-H Ranch. When I originally wrote Her Sanctuary (it was my first book, took five years to write, and was originally published back in 2004) there was a third romance included within the book. I cut that subplot because the story was already complicated enough with Eliza and Nat’s relationship, and Marsh and Josie’s fumbled beginnings. What I hadn’t realized until I reread Her Sanctuary was I’d taken out all hint of the feelings between Cal and Sarah. They’d lost their romance. Although I didn’t feel as though I could create an entire novel around what happened next for those two characters, I did think they deserved their own “Happy Ever After.” So the idea of a novella was born.

I hadn’t intended to make it available in print, but then readers asked, and I also wanted to use print copies of the novella for contests and giveaways. The lowest RRP I was allowed to make it was $5.60, which I feel is expensive for what it is. Apologies.



“Her Risk to Take; delivers an emotional avalanche of the good kind!”
– Maldivian Book Reviews

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